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ADAC 1000 km Rennen (Neuauflage)

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Fabricant : Heel Verlag
Auteur: Jörg-Thomas Födisch
Numéro d'article : 9901030002
ISBN : 978-3898809030
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Prix : 9,99 € *
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More than 50 years ago the first 1000-kilometers-race was held on the legendary Nürburgring. This completely revised and extended volume of „ADAC 1000 KM Rennen" describes the history of this great event from the early days till today. For drivers and cars it is the ultimate endurance test. Many previously unseen photos and a comprehensive statistics part round off this chronic of one of the most famous sportscar races.

Technical details:

Publisher: Heel

Author: Michael Behrndt

Size: 26 x 26 cm, Hardcover

Photos: 200 in colour , 60 in b/w

Pages: 275

Language: German

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