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Gerry Marshall - His Authorised Biography

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Fabricant : Haynes
Numéro d'article : 9901010071
ISBN : 978-1844256488
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Gerry Marshall was one of the legends of British motorsport with an imposing 43-year motor racing record, seizing 625 victories in more than 1,400 appearances. Marshall won in all manner of competition cars from thoroughbred Aston Martins to a Morris Marina. A man of devastating contrasts, Gerry's chatty charm alternated with a whiplash tongue. With the help of Gerry's son Gregor, Jeremy Walton chronicles Gerry's remarkable life, both on- and off-track, from schooldays to his death in 2005.

Technical details:
Publisher: Haynes
Author:Jeremy Walton
Size: 28 cm x 22.5 cm, hardback
Photos: 300 in colour, 200 in black-and-white
Pages: 264
Language: English
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