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Photobook "AvD-Histo-Monte 2015"

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Fabricant : McKlein Publishing
Numéro d'article : MC8200
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Prix : 350,00 € *
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What better way to recall your adventures on the AvD-Histo-Monte 2015 than to be able to browse through a photobook containing exclusive photos of you and your car. This personalised photobook contains more than 20 pages which are entirely devoted to you showing the best images of your team taken by the renowned rally photographers Reinhard Klein, Daniel Roeseler and Willem Wittenberg. Additionally, it reviews the whole event with photos of all other cars, daily reports and results.

Information on the prices:
We offer the first copy of this individual photobook for 350 Euros, every subsequent identical book costs 200 Euro. Unfortunately our system cannot record this discount, but we will adjust the price of all subsequent photobooks manually.

For a preview of the photobook with images from the last event please click here:
Photobook preview

Technical Details:
Publisher: McKlein
Photographer: Reinhard Klein, Daniel Roeseler, Willem Wittenberg
Format: 30 cm x 30 cm, hardcover
Pages: 60
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