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Nissan 240RS - Rally Cars 15

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Manufacturer: San-Ei Shobo Publishing
Product number: 0107107
ISBN : 978-4779631740
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The japanese magazine series „Rally Cars“ is a monography on a lgendary car of the hsitoriy of the sport in every issue. On more than 100 pages the competition history of the car is told in high quality images and also many technical details, sometimes the workshop, etc are shown. Very nice as well are the computer graphics showing different liveries of the featured vehicle, while the interviews with former drivers might often not be as valuable though to the laguage problems.

Volume 15 of this series is dedicated to the Nissan 240RS.

Technical details:
Publisher: San-Ei Shobo Publishing
Size: 21 x 28.3 cm, Softback
Pages: 116
Language: Japanese
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