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Hallo Fahrerlager Classic and HF2 - signed

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Author: Rainer Braun
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Special offer: We offer the two book „Hallo Fahrerlager Classic“ & „Hallo Fahrerlager 2“ for just 59.90 €. Both books have been hand signed by the author Rainer Braun. This offer is valid until December 24th, 2017.

Hallo Fahrerlager Classic

There is a saying among sportsmen that you should always end your career on a high note - and that is exactly what the famous German reporter Rainer Braun is doing with this book. “Hallo Fahrerlager Classic” is the ‘grande finale’ of the highly popular “Hallo Fahrerlager” sequence and also the last big project in the career of the journalist, author and commentator.

“Hallo Fahrerlager Classic” is not only greater in size and volume than its predecessors, it also focuses more on the photographic aspect showing amazing historic images from four different centuries and various motor sports disciplines ranging from Formula 1 and sports car racing to the DTM and STW. When it comes to the texts, the books series stays true to its philosophy offering short magazine-like stories about motor racing history.

Rainer Braun for example tells the story of the rise and fall of the Eifelland Formula 1 team and the driver’s strike at the 1970 German Grand Prix which led to a move from the Nürburgring to Hockenheim and a F1 race under extremely chaotic circumstances. Furthermore, the book contains amazing background stories on the Ford Capri, the ill-fated Ford C100 sports car or the revival of the DTM. But Braun also looks back on the sad moments. His chapter “Lost Friends” is a homage to great motor sports people who have gone too early such as Rolf Stommelen, Stefan Bellof, Jochen Rindt or Bob Wollek.

All of this turns “Hallo Fahrerlager Classic” into a moving/touching book which truly is high note to end a book series and a great career in motor sports.

Technical details:
Author: Rainer Braun
Format: 24 x 28 cm, hardback
Pages: 288
Language: German

Hallo Fahrerlager 2

Perfection and professionalism have taken their toll: There is no place in racing for unconventional thinkers anymore. In his second book of the „Hallo Fahrerlager"- series Rainer Braun shows how racing was in the past decades: It was full of crazy people, individualists and jokers.

The book shows a cheerful for ay through the years of racing from 1962 until today. Rainer Braun tells amusing storys of this time and supports them by well-chosen archive pictures.
Meet racing legends like Peter Lindner who became famous in a Jaguar, Rainer Günzler who was sportscaster as well as amateur driver, Keke Rosberg and many more.

Read the enjoyable storys and anecdotes in „Hallo Fahrerlager 2" with articles of the popular journalists Herbert Völker and Yörn Pugmeister.

Technical details:
Author: Rainer Braun
Format: 17 x 21 cm
Pages: 224
Language: German
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