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Manufacturer: teNeues
Product number: 9901991170
ISBN : 978-3832795382
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Having started in the 1950s as a smaller player, compared to Europe and the United States, East Asia's automobile industry has since consistently grown, developing into the most dynamic global creative force in the process. At the forefront of technology and design, cars from Japan today include some of the most commercially successful automobiles ever built, as well as a great many of the odd, the whimsical, and the spectacular kind. From the cute, microscopic Kei cars, through iconic sports cars to innovative crossover vehicles: Like a well-kept secret, many East Asian brands and models still remain concealed from Western eyes and ears-and put an end to the myth of the East copying the West. Equally mysterious are the people behind these automotive legends. Seemingly a logical consequence of a long-term strategy is a global automotive fashion, at once of purely Asian breed, yet rooted in global design trends, originating from the Chinese, South Korean, and Japanese manufacturers. Enriched by hundreds of original photographs and pointing out the links among the East Asian cars and the cultures they respectively originated from, this book bridges the gap between fascinating heritage and a promising future.

Technical details:
Publisher: TeNeues
Author: Paolo Tumminelli
Format: 20 x 24 cm, hardcover
Photos: 470 in colour and 30 in B&W
Number of pages: 304
Texts: English
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