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Le Tour de France Automobile 1899-1986

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Manufacturer: Maurice Louche
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This established event, which debuted in 1899 with a sensational in line race on open roads across France, celebrated its 50th edition in 1986.

Eighteen endurance races took place before the War, followed by another 31 years of great competition, during which the "Tour de France" built its celebrity and its history. And what a great history!

With a wonderful combination of roads, circuit races, hill climbs and then special stages, the most prestigious makes shone, with 13 victories for Ferrari, 5 for Jaguar and Lancia, 3 for Renault, and 2 for Alfa Romeo, Matra and Porsche…

Many famous drivers also wrote the history of the "Tour de France", making it THE most prestigious road race in France.

Published in 1987, the first edition of the "Tour de France" book has been sold out for several years and is now impossible to find. This great race deserved a second book, which even surpasses the first one published.

This second book is COMPLETELY different from the first one. The presentation, the layout and the photos are NEW. There are 998 NEW photos, whilst only 24 have already been published in the previous "Tour de France" book.

The number of pages has gone up from 448 to 552 and includes 48 colour pages. This book gives complete entry lists, with race numbers.

A 440 pictorial and a 112 page text book in a high-quality slip-case make this book a true collector item.

Technical details:
Author: Maurice Louche
Format: 23 x 27 cm
Number of pages: 552
Two volumes in a high-quality slip-case
Text: English
Illustration: 1022 images thereof 143 in colour
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