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When Motor Racing was Bloody Dangerous

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Manufacturer: Delius Klasing
Author: Bart Lenaerts
Product number: 9901050095
ISBN : 978-3667109187
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Price: 59,90 € *
The history of motor racing is rich of memorable moments that have never been kept on film or photographs. „When Motor Racing was Bloody Dangerous“ wants to close this gap with the help of latest computer graphics. The artists of Unique & Limited in the Czech Republic have made a fabulous job to create the artworks with fantastic detail and accuracy. Author Bart Lennarts tells the historic background of the scenes shown. See Elisabeth Junek in her Bugatti during the Targa Florio 1928, watch Alfred Neubauers and the Mercedes team on the Nürburgring 1934, be at the track in Brno 1937 to see Tazio Nuvolri in his Alfa Romeo or at the Tour de France 1964 when Lucien Bianchi drives the beautiful Ferrari 250 GTO, not forgetting Hans Hermann storming to victory of the 24 hours of Le Mans 1970 in the legendary Porsche 917. And this only name a few of the scenes shown.

Technical details:
Publisher: Delius Klasing
Author: Bart Lenaerts
Format: 29.7 cm x 29.7 cm, Hardcover
Pictures and illustrations: 164 computer graphics, 29 images in colour and 112 in black-and-white
Pages: 252
Language: German
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