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Grand Prix Story 2017 - Heinz Prüller

Rating: Currently not rated
Manufacturer: Residenz Verlag
Authors: Heinz Prüller, Karin Sturm
Product number: 9901548005
ISBN : 978-3701734290
Stock status: Low stock
Price: 29,00 € *
The journalist Heinz Prüller is a primitive rock of his league. Since 45 years his annual reviews all the action from the track and paddock, gives unique background information, contains some of the images and comprehensive statistics.

Technical details:
Publishing: Residenz Verlag
Author: Heinz Prüller, Karin Sturm
Format: 14.5 x 20 cm, Hardcover
Pages: ca. 320
Language: German
Customer Reviews:
Currently not rated
Currently not reviewed