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Can-Am Thunder DVD

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Manufacturer: Duke Video
Product number: 9903013150
EAN : 5017559107512
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The mighty machines of the Can-Am Championship have to be leading candidates for the title of 'most awesome racing cars ever'.

Almost fourty years ago they put out close to 1500 horsepower in their most-developed form, and hit speeds of 240mph with aerodynamics that were experimental at best and highly dangerous at worst! They made the Grand Prix F1 cars of the day look tame by comparison.

Even today, the 'Can-Am thunder' still rumbles as huge crowds flock to historic race meetings wherever these incredible cars like Porsche, Chaparral, Lola, Ferrari or Shadow appear. All of the fascination, the cars, the technologies, the design, the emotions and first and foremost the races are packed on this great DVD.

Technical details:

Format: PAL DVD

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Running Time: 148 mins

Language: English

FSK: No age rating

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